Automated educational system “Oil line heater”

Automated educational system (AES) is designated to train operators and maintenance personnel working with oil line heaters.

A trainee implements tasks working with a 3D-model of the site, which has all the control and indication elements (valves, cranes, manometers, etc.). Using the easy control system, a trainee can immerse into the task without wasting time on studying the program interface.

The AES features the following types of tasks:

  • line heater overview,
  • line heater launch,
  • line heater shutdown.

Tasks concerning line heater launch and shutdown are both training and educational. The educational task leads a trainee to a goal showing prompting messages in a current situation. Implementing training tasks, a learner takes independent decisions and carries out actions at their own discretion.

All the tasks provide a combined schematic layout of the line heater that indicated current state of its elements (devices, control and indication elements, etc.).