Automated educational system “Pumping operation of wells and oil treatment plant”

Automated educational system (AES) is designated to train personnel of oil-producing and oil-refining enterprises.

Complicated technological objects are given in vivid graphic display forms with navigation providing insight into each technological process taking place at sited and units.

The AES comprises over 100 display forms to study various technological objects, including:

  • sucker-rod pumping units (conventional pumping units), chain drive of sucker-rod pumps “Pts 60-18-3,0-0,5/2,5”;
  • deep well pumps;
  • borehole pumps;
  • measuring group units (“Sputnik”, “Delta”);
  • separators;
  • sludge tank for initial water separation;
  • emulsion heating furnace (“PTB-5”);
  • electric dehydrator for dehydration and demineralization;
  • product oil reservoirs;
  • water purifying system;
  • heat-exchange unit;
  • demulsifying compound;
  • gas separator, and other compounds of oil treatment plants.

The AES provides an opportunity to study and use the models of some technological sites. In this case, a trainee participates in the operation process setting the input parameters, changing settings, manipulating the control gears (valves, control panel items, etc.), controlling the emergencies or observing the operation of protecting devices, etc.

The AES provides the independent control mode for the following items:

  • oil dehydration thermal unit with demonstration of its start-up,
  • heat-exchange unit,
  • emulsion heating furnace with demonstration of its start-up,
  • sludge tank with demonstration of its start-up,
  • electric dehydrator with demonstration of its start-up,
  • automatic pad metering station “Sputnik” with demonstration of auto control through separator.