Automated educational system “Well servicing”

Automated educational system (AES) is designated to prepare experts in well servicing.

Using interactive screen displays, a trainee studies the basic technological operations, which are used during well servicing.

  • Equipment layout.
  • Drilling truck for well servicing.
  • Well killing operation.
  • Remedial cementing.
  • Accident response, etc.

The AES includes 3D/2D drilling truck simulators, which demonstrate the performance of the following tasks:

  • rigging-up lifting unit,
  • rigging-down lifting unit,
  • lowering the tubing pipe,
  • lifting the tubing pipe.

The AES also includes computer simulator, which contains the following types of well servicing imitation tasks:

  • remedial cementing,
  • well killing operation.

Software package of the simulator makes the task implementation process fully automated providing training to any number of trainees. This goal is attained by:

  • using the automated system of knowledge control (ASKC) “Razvitie” that provides centralized work of teachers and trainees at their working places (WP) with problem solving and getting results;
  • providing automated adaptive scale control for “slow” processes (pumping fluid, etc.) while performing tasks;
  • providing automated final evaluation of tasks by the scale from 0 to 100 on the basis of penalty criteria with detail report for the teacher.

While implementing a task, a teacher can connect to any trainee’s WP, follow his actions and control the equipment and the well parameters (well column, base pressure, working operations, operation log, etc.).

Using the initial data editor a teacher can make his own tasks with various parameters (well, equipment and control parameters, etc.). A teacher can select any learning mode from three available: demonstration, training, examination.

The result is delivered to the teacher’s WP in a form of detailed report, which contains charts, time lines, notifications, mistakes, and final evaluation. A trainee can also see his own result as a brief report delivered to his WP.